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Roadmap to Play Time

2022 Q1
✔ Market feasibility research
✔ Preseed capital structuring
2022 Q2
✔ Establish Branding Foundation
✔ Core web development & blockchain integration
✔ Early Access Begins.
Open Whitelist – Founding membership token (Presale)
✔ PlayEstates community building. Open Waitlist - Discord Access.
Initial Membership Token Release.
Pre-Sale LaunchGiveaway Campaigns.
Seed Round / Capital Fundraising
Expand PlayEstates
2022 Q2 / Q3
Digital Content Collaboration Begins
Real Estates Contents Acquisition
PlayEstates utility/governance token launch.
Airdrop to selected membership token holder. Private Round.
Fractional Ownership NFT release. Airdrop to selected membership token holders.
MVP development
2022 Q3
Community Expansion Period
Finalize Brand Identity
Opening of MVP Division
- Digital Contents
- Marketplace Opening
- Fractional Ownership NFT
- Giveaways / Promotions / Merch
Initial Membership Token
- Public Round
PlayEstates utility/governance token Public Sale
Q4 '22 - Q1 '23
MVP Refining
Team Expansion
Content Expansion
Prep For Launch
Platform Launch To The Public
- Expand Community
- Expand Contents
International Real Estate Projects
Today PlayEstates is a small team with the same mission - To wake up every day and push the possibilities of Web3.
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