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Grow Your Game Build Your Wealth

GameFi shouldn’t be a grind. We built a community where anyone can play great games, make new friends and earn real money. Join us!

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Play. Earn. Build.

You've heard of Play to Earn, but what about Play to Build? Play blockchain-based games through a gamified model, build your wealth, and earn fractional ownership of IRL real estate assets.

The Key

Purchase one of our key NFTs to join the Play Estates Metaverse.


Play a variety of fun and challenging games from Tower defense to Earn Sims, and more!


Earn and save tokens to build your overall wealth.


Cash in your tokens for fractional ownership of real-world real estate assets.

Membership Token

Get a Key while you can! With 9,980 Keys in our Founding Membership Token, it unlocks the power of building passive income. Each tier within the Founding Members Key provides you with different levels of exclusive, lifetime platform discounts, earning multipliers, utility token airdrops, rewards from Membership Token contests, and the ability to purchase and hold PlayEstates Fractionalized NFTs.


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